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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  February 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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everybody is talking about that one. >> you have to be brave to walk out on that stage, just like this, and stand there and bear it all like that. >> black socks on. >> he has boxer briefs on. >> he is trying to match frame for frame the bird man scene where michael keaton is going through central park and times square in his underwear. good move. >> i need to see bird man. >> it was good. >> we saw it, and thought it was great. >> straight up at 7:00. we have to get you up to tulleytown. was that levittown. >> levittown. >> tulleytown ship. >> tulleytown is within levittown, levittown bucks county, tulleytown. right at that intersection of route 13, and levittown parkway. >> yeah. >> you have that shopping plaza a there which has the home depot, wal-mart, the dunkin' donuts and it is in that gunshot. >> and school. >> there are schools there. >> yes. but first a quick look at the
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weather. >> we are watching snow flurries. we may see some outside our window here. >> you cannot the rule it out. >> in the wintertime especially when the cold front is coming through. this is ushering in some much colder temperatures. we had our one day special of temperatures in the 40's, but as we zoom in closer lancaster county, western chester county looks like, where we might be seeing a snow burst or two, and then some of that is now sneaking into delco, maybe some flurries there. so in your weather by numbers we will give you a a five because it is a backward day, temperatures will be dropping, we will see some sunshine, but of course, we cannot rule out a snow shower or two this morning. most of the temperatures are in the 30's. we are down to 33 degrees in philadelphia a it feels like 23, thanks to the wind, and, sunrise, happened at 6:43 just about 15 minutes ago. so temperatures are in the 20's a to the north of us, a above freezing to the south of us, but eventually we will all sees temperatures fall through the 20's, even with the sun
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shining today. and wind picking up as well, and tonight we will have the below zero wind chills with an overnight low of 6 degrees. that is your fox cast from the the weather authority. winter will not loosen its grip on us bob kelly. >> we love that sunshine yesterday but unfortunately that gorgeous sunshine did melt some of the the snow and on the overnight and anything that was left standing, as in free water, pretty much froze over. here's an example of the intersections in the area. this is route one down in delaware. do you see the difference in the road surface right there a patch of ice, that obviously was as a result of the melting, that occurred, on yesterday, so on and off ramps, neighborhoods, the turning lanes, look out the for some slippery spots. let's go down the shore right here. coming down route 47 and you go to make that right turn right there you can see the difference in the road surface. that is that fine glaze of ice that we have been talking about all morning long, and a water main break just popped up, upper more land at mill road and easton road and
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topping our updating our top story right here in levittown, pa, in tulleytown, the the levittown parkway is block just off of route 13. kind of giving you an idea, michael the arc angel sits right there the at intersection. on the other side of the roadway we have the shopping plaza that hold the wal-mart, home depot, and a bunch of other little stores. jenny will give us an update now live from a second. but mill creek parkway is the the best way to kind of go away this police standoff until we get all clear. otherwise man's transit looking good with no delays. back over to you. lets go right to that barricade situation because pennsbury school district decided to delay school until this situation is resolved. >> this is still an active situation developing right new. >> is that a gun shop? apparently there is a guy on the roof. is he still up there? >> reporter: yeah, well, we heard about a guy on the roof, more than two hours ago, mike and alex. police have not the been back to update us. as far as we're concerned
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we're going by what we heard earlier this morning from police that they were looking for a burglary suspect on the roof of mike's gun shop. that is 300 yards from where we are standing. that is on the tulleytown parkway. we were also told that the emergency response team is out here with the perimeter established, according to... >> we lost her audio there. she will get plugged back in though. as bob was just telling you there is that school saint michael the arc angel elementary school right there from the scene. i think from the school you can probably see this whole mall and situation that is taking place. they are certainly not going to send the kids to school until this situation is resolved. >> and also the pennsbury school district it effects them as well. >> same thing for them. an ambulance, responding to a car crash, also ended up in a crash. the accident scene was in magnolia, new jersey on south white hall pike and evesham avenue east. camden county fire officials tell us that several people were taken to the hospital, connected to this.
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it was a really bad crash to begin with before the ambulance got in the crash. it is not clear if the victims were all from the original wreck are also, part of the e ms crew. and a 13 year-old boy a wilmington boy, is hospitalized. police responded around 7:15 last night to south lovedell street to find the teen shot in the leg. unidentified victim is hospitalized at du pont children's hospital in stable condition. the search is underway for the suspect. three fire fighters in chester county are on the mend after being hurt during a house fire. it heart in charlestown township last night. crew where is call to the highland hill home, they say a fireplace fire spark the blaze. three fire fighters have have injured, including mine offer burns, and a ankle injury. crews say that the fire was tough to put out. >> the fifer had a major head start on fire fighters tonight and it simply was through the roof before we could ever catch up to it and get her
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out. >> fire a has been since ruled an accident. well, 7:05. local transportation officials are reminding drivers to take it easy as freezing temperatures could lead to dangerous road conditions. >> it is already bad out there, steve has been following it, steve? >> reporter: it is not just the doughnuts that are glazed where we are today, look at the roads, right outside here. we're talking main road, side roads. this road is a sheet of ice from one side to the other. through see double yellow line. look at that, ice all the way past the one side. you can see run off from both sides of the street. that is causing a sheet of ice right into the the stop sign which is blowing and fuzz are going 10 miles an hour. if you are one of these people with the the foot on the gas until the the stop sign and stop at the last second, look at that you will slide into route 73 and cars going 50 plus and they will hit you right on the drivers side. that is typical of a lot of intersections around here today a lot of trouble. also to our right we showed you all this look the at all of these potholes that
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developed overnight. they grew like weeds on the first day of spring. we have the the first day of that you go. yesterday a's normal temperatures, finally in the the 40's where we are supposed to be this time of the year. expanded the roads that were all seized up a and frozen and that is why we had all that trouble. philadelphia cop friend of my told me car after car was hit ago this pothole on i-95 and pulling over. shelter in place is not only good advice for people in levittown, but it is also good when you get in the accident on icy highways or you hit one of these potholes. get off of the road. drive on that flat tire and get to a safe spot there was people on i-95, waving to the other drivers, trying to get them to stop from 50 miles an hour. the that is a nice thing to do but don't want to get killed by people driving by you in the dark, on icy roads. here's some more advice from penndot and a few drivers, dave kinchin talked to last night. >> our big concern is refreezing overnight, temperatures will whoever around freezing, maybe a little bit lower. be very cold for the morning commute. so we will have crews in the five county region monitoring
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the road, highways, expressways, and for any refreezing, for any standing water, and address those issues as they come up. but motorist should, you know, take their time in the morning. >> i will just wake up extra early, and take it slow. >> reporter: worry about freezing, that you go and then big potholes on the road. >> my tires, i feel like, philly, gets a lot of revenue from tires. people buying tires. >> reporter: you can see in our shot we have snow flurries coming in again to remind us of all of the stuff we have this time of the year but look across the street there. is there one of the things you don't see a lot of, clear sewer drains and that is another thing, reason why, a lot of the snow and when it melted did not go down into the drains because a lot of those sewer drains are covered by plowed snow every where. so the snow melt had no where to go. we are at that coney palmyra bridge. the speed limit was cut to just 25 miles an hour. bob kelly mentioned what i mentioned a as well we have steel girder there.
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as soon as these flurries hit that. it is super slippery you are driving on a steel great and that is one of the reasons why, they reduced the speed, despite that, we had an accident on thereafter we warn people about it, so treacherous driving, every where, and bob and sue always mentioned this, even before you get to your car, you will probably take a spill on the sidewalk, steps, stairways. and everything. it comes off of the roof of your house, goes down on the first step on your porch or stoop, and then it is a sheet of ice. so watch out, whose are walking or driving. maybe you even slipped today, mike. >> i actually did. i live near eighth ape walnut washington square. it is incredibly slick. incredibly slick on bricks for some reason out here on market street. >> here in old city those red blocks. >> you have to walk carefully. >> always slippery here. >> the old man thing. >> 7:09. people in new jersey are about to see how governor chris christie want to spend their tax dollars. he will layout his 2016 budget tomorrow. it was a hot button issues are
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what he plans to do with the state's troubles transportation trust fund and the the public's pension system. governor christie and state democrats have not been able to reach a clear agreement on how to move forward with either issue. meanwhile the governor is continuing his tora across the country as he considers a possible run for president in 2016. president obama tells the nation's governors he is committed to working with them. the president shared his intention to annual beginner with dozens of governor last night at the white house. they are in d.c. for the winter meeting for national governors association. to the day the the president is scheduled to meet with a group of republican governors. and 7:10. malls across the america are on high alert following terroristic threats. >> um-hmm, including the the malls in our area. the movies in response to a video posted on line by a somalia militant group. there it is right there. with links to al qaeda in the video this mask narrater urgees muslims to attack shopping malls in western countries. the mall of in america in
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minnesota, it is huge, specifically, signalled and targeted by this, the department have of home land security says that there is in credible evidence suggesting a attack at malls, however, the head of home land security says that americans need to be vigilant. >> i'm sure that security at this particular mall will be enhanced, in ways visible and not visible. with you it also involved public vigilance and public awareness. if you see something, say something has to be more than just a slogan. >> you know that mall in in minnesota, mall of america, about 40 million people go there every year. it is huge. >> biggest mall in america, isn't it. >> yes, something like 200 shoe stores, it is gigantic. >> plus i'm's he sure the name of it is also what they are trying to target as well. >> big somalia community up in minnesota too. if congress cannot agree on a new spending bill the department of home land security will have to run out of money, by midnight this week on friday. >> stalemate centers around president obama's executive
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action on immigration. home land security secretary jay johnson says halting funding would jeopardize u.s. efforts to stop a domestic terror attack. >> we have to get it done by the end of the week. britain's prime minister is urging the nation's schools to be vigilant in the fight against terrorism. after these three teenagers, believed to have left the country to join isis. can you believe it. they are 15 and 16 years old girls. they took a flight to turkey. they do know that. they believe they want to get into syria and join isis. there are growing concerns of terrorist attack girls, and young women, for their cause, believe it or not. 7:12. well, bird man soared to the top of the competition at the academy award last night. >> movie starring michael keaton as a aging super hero have movie star suffering from identity crisis snagged best picture. the its director took home best director. other big winners on have the night included best actress, julianne moore, she played an
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alzheimer's patient in still alice. eddie redmayne won for the portrayal of the leading character in the steven hawkings bio pick. >> yes, theory of everything. he was thrilled to win. and best supporting actress and actor went to patricia arquette and jk simmons. >> um-hmm. >> there are a lot of moments people are talking about. what about this one. actress and singer edina manziel used her oscar appearance to get back at john travolta for his famous blow up. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage my very friend, blong ga thesingo. >> my darling, my beautiful, my wickedly talented edina manziel. >> you got it, yes. >> is that right. >> yes. >> you did it. >> it is so good. >> it is in the the like it
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will follow me around for the the rest of my life or anything. >> tell me bit. >> he screwed up her name last year. >> adell kaseem. >> only thing weird about it was him grabbing her chin about that. >> he was up close and personal. >> she was like, i don't know. >> let it go. >> he just had to do it. >> yes. >> that is what will follow her around for the rest of her life. >> you got the that right. >> there are plenty of memorable moments. some came by way of song. >> yes. >> ♪ >> no, not everything is awesome, we have come to find out. i got so bored with this i shut it off. >> i have not seen lego movie so, i don't know. >> this was a funny moment when oprah got her oscar.
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>> yes. >> a lego oscar. >> yes. >> everything is awesome. >> it was all over. it was just everything, a lot. >> it was a little scattered. >> but did you see quest love. >> shout out to philly there. >> i saw you tweet about that. >> nicely done. >> sue, did you stay up and see any of that. >> i saw that, my daughter was with me. she said wait that was nominated for an oscar. everything is awesome. i guess there was a shortage of songs. i don't know, it wasn't that awesome but luckily it didn't win. the here's ultimate doppler radar we are watching snow showers that have develop over the last hour, long with the cold front, and, in lancaster county, it is spread nothing to chester county, a little bit of delco and we may be seeing flurries here in philadelphia steve has seen some a across the bridge in palmyra but it looks like if you will get a coating at all it might be around stroudsburg in lancaster county, west goshen, new garden, east
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nottingham you can see snow showers as well. our big news is how cold the temperatures will get, again, now, we are, we are at 8 degrees in pittsburgh. we got in the 40's yesterday. i think this anomaly in philadelphia. it is 33 just a few minutes ago. something went a little wrong there, but trust me, it is 33. so 21 in allentown 256789 in reading. thirty-three in atlantic city. that is the temperature it the is supposed to be. so it feels a little bit colder then that. and the temperatures will just keep getting colder. wind will be picking up which is why we have this wind chill advisory for wind chills well below zero in carbon and monroe counties through tomorrow morning. and, then next seven days, it looks like we will be having our ups and downs, but we will not see any temperature, during the day, in the teens. we don't think. no high temperatures in the the teens. we have already reached our high of 37, for today. so temperatures will continue
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to drop throughout the afternoon. and then a high of only 26 tomorrow after we start off n'synx will digit gannon tuesday, and not quite as harsh on wednesday, but we cannot start a warming trend because arctic air moves back in on thursday and friday, and then temperatures maryland rate a bit over the weekend, we will get back in the 40's on sunday but also, possibly, get some rain. so there you go, the seven day forecast from the weather authority, bob kelly is here, and what is going on. >> here's an example of what we have been talking about all morning long, the thized over conditions, it is conshohocken state road right at hallow road. take a look the a the road conditions here. thinks allized over. septa bus coming through, there is a patch of ice, in the intersection, we love the sunshine, that came out yesterday but everything that had melted had had by 6:00 o'clock bam, right after that, it is all frozen over. intersections are secondary side streets, parking lots, front step, that powe text for black isis out there this morning. major roadways though looking good. live look at the schuylkill expressway between south street and university, we want
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to go for a fly, southbound on i-95, watch for an accident approaching the the two freeway. it is right there in that bellmawr construction zone. i-95 we are starting to see delays now southbound on i-95 heavy from cottman avenue down through girard avenue. septa says platforms, parking lots could be slippery this morning. be aware of that. otherwise mass transit running with no delays. upper moreland a water main break at mill road and easton road and update ago this police standoff here in levittown, the levittown parkway, blocked at right 13 so use mill creek parkway, as your alternate through levittown this morning. guess hoy had had a chance to hang out with on friday night. >> who? >> jen fred. >> wow. >> jen fred and i. >> you say that is an opportunity. >> jen fred and i a had a chance to host the dancing like a star, they had eight couples, eight parents, they practiced for four to five weeks and then then they had a dance contest. you had todd bring your own
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cheering section. >> sure. >> they brought the the teams, the the families, they were at springfield country club and this was the official kick off in the irish community for st. patrick's day holidays that is coming up in a couple of weeks. congratulations to lou bradley and michelle quinn quinn, they took home a big giant disco ball, as the big prize there so they raised great money for the kid will in delaware county other at weekend. >> bob, i have never seen you with a suit coat on. >> i was just thinking that. >> that looks great. >> i will work on that i have a lot of comments after my 50 shades have gray appearance the other day when i put on the suit coat. >> that is right. >> i said what are you talking about. >> i threw through the suit coat on again. >> you looked good. >> somebody wanted to know levittown, levittown train station of. >> getting there you may have to take that detour but train station abe septa in the being impact right now, by that standoff. >> by the standoff. >> i will put my jacket on,
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i will be right back. >> i didn't even know he had a jacket. >> somewhere in the closet. >> well, listen to this, a a young eagles fan, asked an eagles player to prom but she had to get 10,000 tweets, before he would do it. well, she dit. new they are going to the prom. and that eagles player is right here in our studio, coming up in a couple of minutes. i'm back from florida and spring training. we will tell what you we did. >> what are you running in. >> i know i was than the ready. >> slippers. >> what is this photo shoot. >> yes. >> yeah. >> good day photo shoot. nicole: we all have different needs for our children
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and basing all of the childrens' needs on one test
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is not the right road to go down. and something's got to change. okaikor: and the ones who are taking the brunt of it are our children. all the other things that make you a great human being is not important anymore. what's more important is: can you answer a-b-c-d? gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now? don't fail me now. >> did your feet fail if you in spring training? >> does it look like they failed me is that what you are
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saying. >> in your slippers. >> i didn't know they were going to put me to work. i thought i would interview people. >> so tell me about it. >> howard eskin and myself had to go to clearwater. i crash the the party. i decided to join the fun. there were pitchers and catchers there and i reported. lets take a look. >> look who it is, yeah. >> hello there. >> i'm here. >> you are here. >> i'm here for you. >> thank you. >> okay. >> are you ready for spring training. >> i'm ready are you sure. >> i'm sure. >> do you know what is ahead. >> no, i don't. >> i hope you'll let me know. >> no, no, no, i'm not going to let you know, all right. so there will be a lot of steps along the way here, and this is an experience which for whatever reason you won't for get. >> just got here to the
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stadium and i'm part of the action. look what i just walked in on, larry bowa hit to go chase utley. yeah, this is amazing. i don't know why i'm whispering but i don't want to interrupt him. i will just whisper . >> how many outs, and strikes in an at bad. >> three. >> how many strikes and you are out. >> three. >> i know the song. >> yes. >> that is all a you need to know, right. >> yes. >> you have to explain to her that the pitcher is 50 feet 6-inches from home late. >> i asked why the extra 6 inches. >> it is indirectly in the middle between home plate and second base isn't that the case. >> i don't know, that is interesting, it is halfway. >> i would think so, you put it halfway. >> how far is it from home to first. >> ninety. >> good. >> yes, i told her that. >> yes. >> so these are some of the other pleasures, alex, offer
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being in philadelphia we are not in philadelphia. but it is spring training with the will phillies. so, not only do you have the baseball, but you have clearwater, beach. this is why phillies fans come down here. not just bail baseball but all this, on the gulf, isn't it nice. >> it is beautiful. it is like you get the the best of both world, the b's, beach and baseball. >> pretty creative. pretty good with that. >> this is my first spring training here. >> you are a rookie. >> i am a rookie. >> yes. >> they tell me when i come you have to go to the pavilion. >> they have been coming here since, palm has been here since 1926. >> what do fans like to do when they come here. >> depend on whether you are talking about broadcasters and people like that, like howard eskin and some people like that. >> if you have something on howard eskin yeah, i want to know it. >> i better not the tell stories because people will stop coming. >> it is that bad. >> it is not that bad, but it
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is just fun. >> they must have drug you out there with horses back home. that looked like fun. >> it was a lot of fun. i learned a lot about the the phillies. we had a great time. >> is there more, mike. >> yeah. >> coming up the the rest of the week we will do tidbits i had to go to lenny's, we have video for the rest of the week. bowa. >> i got a lesson from larry. >> i did some running. yes, i was wearing ballet slippers. >> i have never seen you run. >> come on. >> i can run better than that. >> slide, slide. >> so we did go to the beach, and take some pictures there, and so we had a great time. we will talk about the difference stuff, we have to talk to the players. >> hold on, oh, you did talk to ben reveer. >> that i will not say. that we will do later in the the show. >> i bet. >> when we met. >> were there sparks. >> my goodness. >> you know what? >> have of course, the manager. >> yes.
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>> sandberg. >> i want some inside scoop about what you and howard did at night, did you go out to eat and stuff like that. >> well, yeah, jared there too our photographer and joel was there as well because he is one of our other photographers with howard. it was a good thing. >> we will just get to break, right. >> we are taking a break. >> tell me about
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judy lincoln wrote in, bob, and she said that her daughter, saw you at domino's pizza over the weekend. >> yeah. >> were you there yesterday. >> i went to pick up pizza. >> a kelly sighting. >> getting a pizza. >> how many do you have to get i have six kid. >> they had the the special, two for one, and everybody gets within slice, that is it. sit back down. >> you cannot getaway with anything, sneaking off to get a pizza, you get recognized. >> exactly right. >> i got mugs here for tuesday. alex, this is, with your name on it, the gang from bucks county coffee, michael, they watch us each and every day. they not only sent us mugs. they sent us four mugs. they sent us bags of coffee. >> we have coffee. >> now you are talking. >> we can put them to use. >> yes. >> thanks to the gang up there bucks county coffee, home
7:32 am
grown, home roasted, and send us your mugs and we will be happy. >> that is it, cocoa and raisin. >> yes. >> flavors. >> that is why, once this mug thing is over i will start collecting piggy banks. >> with money. >> yes, sure. >> yes. >> good idea. >> fourth and market, bring them by. >> good luck with that. >> here's the snow showers coming through the the area right now. some of our suburbs, including lancaster and chester counties are seeing some snow showers this morning. we're getting reports of flurries, elsewhere. we have not seen any outside our window just yet but we could be soon. thinks as a result of the cold front and, temperatures will really change after that happens. look at 7 degrees in, pittsburgh, right now, so, some of that cold air will be moving in, and at the this time tomorrow morning, we will probably be talking, about temperatures that are in the single digits. your pal bus stop budd a pope eighthly bundled up this morning with the sun expected
7:33 am
today but we have got snow showers around this morning. 43 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia it feels colder then that. high temperature later on today, it will be falling through the 20's, and we have already had our high officially for the day. look at that 6 degrees bob kelly tonight. that is a six. >> a six. >> good morning everybody. >> we have a smack that computer terminal there. is that really 43. >> no, 33. >> yeah, 33. we will adjust that. 7:33. on this monday morning. jammo on the bypass from the gang heading eastbound from chester county. sue mentioned that we should probably see some snow squals in the area little bit of everything as we step out of the front door this morning. this is what is going to get us in the most trouble, what you don't see is going to get you in the most trouble. the black ice. the here's an example conshohocken state road at hallow road. you are coming down conshohocken state road and you hit the brakes. thinks a sheet of ice, gang. anything that melted yesterday if it didn't get the in to the drain or dry up by
7:34 am
6:00 o'clock sundown, we'rized over this morning. so that black isis out there on a lot of the secondary roads or side streets, front step, and then an accident south on 295, as you head in toward that route 42 freeway. septa says be careful, slip writ spots on the platforms. but otherwise, mass transit is running with no delays. mike and alex, back to you. lets get back to the situation in bucks county as it continues. saint michael the arc angel middle school in the pennsbury school district they will not going to be able to open until they get this police situation under control. >> it started as a call for a break in a gun shop and soon prompted resident to shelter in place. that is still going often right now. >> jenny, is what going on. >> reporter: mike and alex, within the last ten minutes fox 29 photographer colton white was able to get some video of police and a k-9 doing a full sweep of the roof of mike's gun shop. we will get that video turned around as soon as possible. scene never escalated. many of those officers exited the roof.
7:35 am
it leaves us wondering where is this person that police are looking for. police haven't given us an update in two and a half hours. initially we believed that police believed a burglar was on the roof of the gun shop. the burglar a alarm went off around 2:00 a a.m. subsequently police told us there was a barricade situation. now it is unclear what the status is. is there a shelter in place order in effect as police continue their a active search for a suspect. police are asked to avoid this a area. tulleytown pike between spur lane and route 13. it has been shut down, pending this investigation. the pennsbury school district, again ain't saint michael the the arc angel are on a two hour delay to give police a little more time to get a handle on the situation. the it sunnies up. it should make police easier. it was hard for them to get a good view of the roof. so again our photographer got that view of police, roaming the roof of mike's gun shop, with a k-9. most of those officers have
7:36 am
since exited the roof. we are back about three pun yards from the scene. we are back behind a wal-mart here just a a few minutes ago, i called the wal-mart earlier, we heard it was evacuated. i got the a status update. they said they remain on lock down. so businesses in the the area still are on lock down. people still being asked to shelter in place a as we are waiting to find out what is going on right now, mike anal he can. >> where did the guy go, he is not on the roof anymore, that is interesting. we will check back with you in a bit. a few months ago, do you remember this, we introduced to you brittany maynard who had terminal brain cancer a and for the for her right to die. she documented her suicide basically. now her mother is picking up the torch for her fighting for those who were in her daughter's position and are in her daughter's position. we will talk to doctor oz but he has an exclusive interview with brittany's mother. ♪ ♪
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♪ if you want it ♪ go out and get it it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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this is kind of exciting at 7:39. the restaurant scene in suburban square was kind have down. it is making a come back. >> two new spots opened this week and another expect by early summer that is great. i love that area here's jen. >> yes, because we know for a long time, the place, williamsonoma a has left suburban square here and so many children's stores and family spots that people love to come here. they love to come here. it is an alternative to the king of prussia a mall. when it is nicer out it is nice outdoor shopping. the apple store came in. people thought that would really kick start this, jump start the reinvestment in this square but like i said, so many really cute boutiques and major stores are out of here. so today not your average joe's opened, it is a a boston transplant that everybody seems to be loving. there is one in the glen mills area. in the terrace here, the saint james place has, you know, retooled itself. the it is now a pizza place,
7:41 am
parlor pizza. couple of these places opening. we know there will be an amazing mexican place opening up. so a lot of people have been watching the construction of not your average joe's. so coming up at 8:00 o'clock hour we will take you n we also want to tell the people, suburban square food wise we are hoping that the shopping, the clothing and all of stuff families like about here can also make a come back. >> i hope so. >> love to see that. >> i like that saint james place, now it is pizza. 7:41. you can tell how windy and cold it is out there. >> my goodness. >> the the final four has been announced. who is the greatest athlete in philadelphia, this has been following for a in now. best athlete in philadelphia sports history. we will break down final four. voting evened friday at midnight. we have your final four. and get ready to shell out even more money when you visit the happiest place on earth, yeah, disney is raising their ticket prices again, just how much it will cost to you get through
7:42 am
you've probably picked "five things" a million times without breaking a sweat. no problem. so the pennsylvania lottery changed the name of "quinto" to "pick 5". no sweat to play. pick 5. easy to play. simple to say.
7:43 am
7:44 am
one, two, three, four, and you're done. simple. so the pennsylvania lottery changed the name of "big 4" to "pick 4". it's that simple to play. pick 4. easy to play. simple to say. is that david bow i. >> aim an american. >> thank you, i named that tune in five notes. okay. the lets take a lot at cold front coming through our area.
7:45 am
it is making some snow showers, that is what it is doing. chester county seems to be the the area where we see the brightest white, which is what could be happening, maybe even a coating of snow, and we have, a guest weather watcher this morning looking at our radar. >> this is mike, from center city. >> yesy want to tell you we have flakes at fourth and market. >> yes, flurries flying in very few. >> i'm a weather watcher. >> he is amazing so multi talented. so chester county, delaware county and yes, flurries, in philadelphia. we have them right now. so, this is just not expected to amount to anything but we did get 4.8 inches of snow at philly international on saturday. that gives us a seasonal snowfall total of 14.9 inches. last season we were already up to 58 inches. boy, was that a snowy season. we have cold air moving in with that cold front and snow showers so tomorrow morning,
7:46 am
we could maybe tie a few record and i don't think it will happen in philadelphia but wilmington, atlantic city, trenton anal a even town we have possibility of, low temperatures record being set. we will watch that tomorrow morning. we will see temperatures fall through the 20's throughout the day today, guys? bob kelly? >> we have an update on that situation in tulleytown bucks county. levittown parkway blocked at route 13. we have had a couple question hey bobby, is that train station opened, the the train station is opened. but lets get over to the desk mike and alex for breaking news. >> we have a work place shooting. the lets get to steve keeley, who is on this, in moorestown? steve, can you hear me. >> they say it happens every where. here it comes to moorestown. one of the new jersey state police. medicine vac helicopter just came. a sergeant is coming over to brief me. i don't know if that will happen live. so get ready to come right back to me. unfortunately because of the news helicopter, it had to
7:47 am
circle around that. but this is, just off church street right by moorestown police department coincidently. split is down there. they have had assistance from mount laurel. this officer i necessity from maple shade. they had help from surrounding towns. we don't have many details. unconfirmed stuffy will in the go with yet because a sergeant is coming down to talk to me right now. this is an industrial park. not near any of the residents around here. it is a big sack of industrial businesses back here a lot of businessness moorestown. in fact, by the the water tower here. the as we spin around left back to the helicopter you can see one of the two water towers here. that is a church ain't new albany roads. we have farms here. we have wesley bishop football stadium there as well. another ambulance coming this way. we don't know how many people were shot or what the situation is. that is why we are hoping to have a sergeant update us
7:48 am
moment trily. i will tell camille in the control room to break in so we can bring you breaking news there. >> we will get right back you. let's squeeze in this sports thing we have been going on with for about a month. we have down to the final four. voting ended at midnight on friday. we hook up with billy to find the greatest athlete in philadelphia sports history. >> we started with a field of 32 players in the ncaa round field. your vote decide who had would advance. now you candy side who advances to the championship game next we. >> do you want to hear the final four. >> let's hear it number one seed wilt chamberlain, no surprise takes on number one seeded mike schmidt. the other final four match up puts number one seed credit j julius irving against number two seed, bobby clarke. so who income out reggie white in this last round. so, anthony gargano good to see you. >> great to sees you where have have you been, we missed you. >> i missed you guys.
7:49 am
>> good morning. >> so what do you think of the final four. >> i love it, except reggie white has got to be in the final four. doc i think has to be a two seed, that is my only argument but i look at it, wilt verse michael jack. that is a huge game, that is a tough one. you have got to go wilt though. it is close but you have to go wilt. >> bobby clarke, like you said, not so surprised. >> little bit over reggie white the because he was such a dominant player in his position but bobby clarke verse doc, my two boyhood idols. i had two posters in my room as a kid. i would go with bobby clarke. two stanley cups as opposed to one championship with julius. i will go bobby clarke. >> bobby over doctor j. >> the upset. >> bobby verse wilt, for the the final. >> yes. >> and who are you taking. >> you kidding me it has got
7:50 am
to be chamberlain. he is number one. everybody with freak out if we said otherwise. you grew up knowing it is wilt, it is wilt, it has got the to be wilt. there is store business him. he is edge endry tails about how great he was. >> the the 100-point game. that didn't happen in philadelphia. >> hershey. >> in hershey, pa. >> you know, when you talking about average ago this many rebound and points per game. the it is unheard of. he was that dominant. >> plus he is cool and from philly. >> are you kidding me. >> overbrook high. >> extra points for high. >> extra points for his alma matter his college, university of kansas. >> yes. >> yes. >> it is okay. >> lets talk about the eagles a little bit. the combine, explain what a combine is, you are not doing anything but trying to show off for pro scouts ape coaches. >> the biggest thing is about the skills competition.
7:51 am
they will go in and it is all about what you do physically. really the biggest pennsylvania part of it the is interview process. that is where jameis wins exton who is a big quarterback got asked tough questions about what he did in the past. >> his personal life. >> that is exactly right. >> guys are very candid. hey what happened in this situation watch happened in that situation. why did you do that. >> yes. >> so, he had to answer for all of that a a lot of those scouts we will find out, what is in your character and man hood. >> look at that. >> it is a big, big deal to get it right. you cannot have anyone flake out on you. >> with the eagles with marcus, right. >> yes, marcus, killed it in the combine. >> he looked great. >> he was amazing strong arm. >> what are you going to do. >> do you think we can get him. >> come on, we have the 20th pick. >> i would do whatever you can to try to get them but i just don't see how. i talk to the gm this week who is in indianapolis and said to me, he is the kind of kid
7:52 am
would you gladly turn the the keys over to your franchise. >> let's do it. >> do whatever you have to do to go from 20th pick to two. >> look, you got my blessing. you have my blessing. you will even throw me in the deal, i'll go, because he is that good. he is a can't miss. you got to get him. unfortunately they won't. watch for brett hundley from ucla. >> he did well. >> he looked really well. >> he fits chip's system. >> brett, might still be available. >> there is a good chance he will be there around that point. if not you have to move up, it is minimal. >> great to see you. >> lets get you back on the radio. >> i'm on it. >> we have a bad situation, in moorestown, new jersey. >> it looks like a work place involved shooting. >> thinks at an industrial park and steve keeley is out their life now. we will check in because we have an update for you. jim: standardized testing has gone from a nuisance
7:53 am
to a concern to a crisis. michael: we have this finite amount of time, and yet we're spending so much of it on this unproven standardized test, when we really should be using that time in a better way focusing individually on our students.
7:54 am
dave: education is supposed to be about our students, and it's becoming about a test. ros: what is our end goal in education? to be masters of a test?
7:55 am
7:56 am
okay. 7:55. i was fascinated about this story four or five months ago. >> entire country was. >> we have letter about 29 year-old brittany maynard when she became the face of the right to die movement. >> i cannot even tell you the amount of relief that it provides me to know that i don't have to die, the way that it has been described to me that my brain tumor would take me. i know that it is there when i need it. i plan to be surrounded by my immediate family which is my husband and my mother and my stepfather a and my best friend hoist also a physician. >> and she did it. she went to her bedroom. put on her music. her family was around her. she took her own life. >> brittany's mother is becoming a right to die advocate and she will talk to doctor oz. >> so you have already sat down with her. tell us how it all went. >> well, she's a remarkable woman, you understand why brittany became the wonderful
7:57 am
woman a that she was. the it is interesting conversation. the family has not spoken out about their whole experience. i love the the soul fullness of what happened when the daughter told the mother that she would take her own life. it is something a parent never wants to yield control over your child's life. mom realized it was the right thing to do. even more so it becomes a face of the right to die with dignity movement in this country. it is rapidly growing n pennsylvania and many other states are being considered as state houses. brittany had to move from her home to oregon in order to do this. she knew she could not be cured with her brain tumor. you get in a debate, is it assisted suicide, is that okay or is it not. it is a fabulous, and very articulate argument that the family a makes. our daughter's life was already taken from her. she didn't have a choice. she was dying. question is would she go with dignity. she went out in her room peacefully. she pick that day, mike, this is unbelievable because she was losing the ability to
7:58 am
swallow. once she could not swallow she could not take pills required for suicide. >> that interview will be today. we will be watching. doctor oz, we have a work place shooting that we're dealing with down here in south jersey so we will have to go to that. but we will be watching the show today and all week. >> thanks very much. >> lets get back to moorestown, new jersey, and we will get more information, steve keeley, have you talk to the sergeant there. >> reporter: on the other side of this helicopter they have just taken a person, out of the ambulance, on a stretcher and put them on new jersey state police helicopter which will be taken off, within seconds. there you can see historic moorestown water tower to tell you where they are. the lenola fire corks volunteer fire company, just did their work, and they were working on that person . we don't necessity if that was the person with the gun or a person who was shot by a person with a gun. but a person was loaded from that ambulance and on to that helicopter. it wasn't a good sign at first
7:59 am
because we had that ambulance and another ambulance to our right here and no one was being put on that helicopter within the the first few minutes after it landed. and i was wondering if anybody was even still alive. but they were obviously working on that person and getting them stabilized in the back of the ambulance before putting them on the helicopter and likely, going to either the hospital in trenton or going to cooper hospital's trauma unit which is our fine doctors and surgeons. no update yet from moorestown state police but we're in an industrial park. we spin it around. lots of moorestown police, getting a lot of help from surrounding towns like maple shade, and mount laurel police who we're seeing here as well this happened right around 7:00 o'clock i guess. since that was when we first got the word. this industrial park is not near any residential areas but right the across church street from where the the kid play soccer, baseball, and football here on church street. right within a mile of moorestown's police headquarters on church street. so, they got here obviously as
8:00 am
fast as possible, since they were here with you they needed more help because they didn't know what they haddon their hand right there. that red police car that unmark that gentlemen fridays maple shade, he came into help with traffic and then mount laurel police were in there as well. helicopters as we spin back around is not in the rush to take off just yet. you can see the the stores still opened. no word from anybody in the official capacity what is going on. you hear engines revving and see helicopter taking off. we don't know what hospital they are heading to but they will get somewhere, real fast to try to save a life out here. great work by everybody doing this. we heard from our own news helicopter who was having trouble today flying in this wind, with snow flurries. interest is a very cloudy day. very cold, windy day out here. we have a a lot of ice all around here. we saw the police officers trying to deal with this ice on the sidewalks, even that were paved. because we have talk about that all day. how hard it is walking around let a alone driving around back here, so we will let i know when we hear anything new, and anything official,
8:01 am
from the moorestown police but a work place shooting is now in everybody always say it will come to our town. this is my hometown coincidently. so they have come here, to the philadelphia, once again, on a monday morning. >> as we watch this helicopter take off, movement of the police now it seems like all of the shooting is over. >> reporter: well, let me put it the this way, mike, i didn't expect to get this close to the scene what we got from the source was it was over, and that the shooter was dead, but that was unconfirmed. so, we will try to get something confirmed, and something official, in an interview with somebody from the moorestown police as soon as they are a available but obviously quite busy right now. >> that is for sure. >> also, busy up in bucks county, this morning. >> yes, parents in tulleytown they need to know that because of the breaking news situation a school there, has been on a delay. the saint michael at arc angel a and pennsbury school district. they have been on delay watching and wait fog they're
8:02 am
situation to unfold. >> they won't send kid in the school until the situation has been figured out by the the cops apparently there was a break n a guy then apparently was on the roof. but when the the cops went up there, jenny, they didn't find anybody. >> reporter: not from what we're seeing. we have been rolling on it, and, we will show you a a look at a some of the footage where you can see the the police officers up there on the roof of mike's gun shop which is on levittown pike. they had a k-9 up there. and, the scene never escalated. we didn't see anything happen but we saw officers, exit, and, exit the the roof, and, official update by police. we can only believe they did not find anything. we initially heard that police believed that there was a burglar on the roof of that gun shop, the the burglary alarm went off around 2:00 this morning. subsequently police told thaws there was a barricade situation, and now it is unclear what is going on. is there a shelter in place order that remains in effect as police continue their active search for a suspect,
8:03 am
people are asked to avoid the area of the levittown parkway, between spur lane and route 13. it has been shut down all morning long as this investigation continues. pennsbury school district, saint michael, on a two hour delay to give police more time to hand this will situation. we're hoping that police are making headway now that they can see a little bit better, earlier this morning. and we did have our, chopper up, and the view was not the very good. it was very hard to see. it was so dark there was minimal lighting. right now we're being held back, and behind the wal-mart, which remains on lock down, so businesses, still on lock down. the shelter in place order still in effect a lot of people are wondering what is going on because we have not gotten any updates from police, mike and alex. >> you can still see officers on the roof of that building in front of the mall there. so, we will check back with you. 8:03. in memorial -- first we will talk about that later, but we will go to sue and get weather and traffic first.
8:04 am
>> we are watching snow showers and and, air behind the the front, and, so much colder. rain, we had a breeze, and new we are seeing the brightest white here which indicates the heaviest of the snow showers, and then northern new castle county and delaware county, and, cross the river in, gloucester and camden counties in new jersey. so we will go a little bit the closer. we will see chester, concord, delco, around wilmington and north of that, around hockessin delaware as well, maybe seeing a light snow shower or two, and that will be the situation, through the rest of the morning as that moves through, when we will be followed by sunshine, but temperatures will drop throughout the day-to-day. so we're 28 degrees in philadelphia right now, it feels like 15. so the temperature is already dropping dramatically from last hour when it was 33. we will dropping through the 20's throughout the the day, wind chills in the teens, and a low of 6 degrees, bob kelly,
8:05 am
tonight. >> wow. >> 8:05. sue. it is monday morning. two busy intersection was no cross traffic, on the roosevelt boulevard. because the traffic lights are stuck. both at levick and the boulevard and red lion and the boulevard. so that is causing grid lock, in northeast philadelphia. but we will go for a fly coming in toward philadelphia, northbound lanes of the 42 freeway, extra heavy, approaching route 55, because of an accident. updating our breaking situation here in levittown, a as we just heard from jenny joyce, the levittown parkway remains closed at route 13, just to give you an idea, it its right there, shopping plaza with the wall mark and the home depot, that shopping plaza, it is adjacent to a residential development, and with that shut down in place here, and that police on the scene, mill creek parkway is your best bet instead of the levittown parkway. folks have been asking is the levittown train station opened? yes, the train station is actually on the opposite side
8:06 am
of route 13. so getting to the train station not a problem as long as you stick with route 13 this morning. the mass transit, septa says they are running with no delays, mike and alex, back over to you. in memorial montage that plays each year is one of the most emotional moments of the broadcast. >> last night people were more interested in who they left out. joan rivers apparently didn't make the cut. the despite making, you know, a living basically critiquing the fashions of the oscars every year. so there were some fans who were kind of upset about this. they argued it was no snub, saying that she was left off the list because she was a comedian, not an actress. that is what the oscar people said. but she was in enough movies, that you could have included her. >> i was looking at she was in space balls, rabbit test, the muppets take manhattan, there is a list of movies. >> that is enough. >> yes. >> at least a little mention there.
8:07 am
>> so while joan popularized that question who are you wearing, some ladies on the red carpet last night push back a little bit begins that question. >> if you were looking at twitter, the hash tag ask for more was trending. it is in an effort to show actresses are more than just what they are wearing and their dresses and accessories. female stars responded on line, supporting the campaign like reese witherspoon. she shared her support for the campaign with thins gram post saying i love oscars and fashion like many of you, exited to share, who am i wearing later tonight but i also love answers some of these questions and hear your suggestions. now fans then offered their own questions, women should be asked, on that instagram post. so stuff like is what the biggest risk you have taken and do you feel that pays off what accomplishment are you most proud o questions that make you thick and you learn more about her. >> aren't they interviewed all year long and asked those questions. >> that is true. >> vanity fair and all of these other tv shows about
8:08 am
entertaining. >> the red carpet, it is almost like a train of stars. it is really quick. they come down. so, i don't know, and they want to talk about what they are wearing and everyone wants to know what designer. you know what they should do, reveal your dress before the oscars. and then they won't to have ask you bit and you can ask you about how do you feel tonight or what do you think about this role being up for nomination. >> do they really feel like they are snub, they are upset because they only get asked about the the dress? >> i'm telling you if you release the dress ahead of time, that is the problem, they are holding it, it the is all top secret. if you did that it won't be a topic for discussion anymore. >> it won't be any fun, you won't to have watch because there won't be any surprises. i will watch anyway, so dull. >> yes. >> i'm just saying. >> so, if any reporters ask about this silly, well this campaign, on the red carpet, but still, right back to the fashion question. so that is kind of the point of the red carpet. >> exactly, that is what they discuss. they have, you know, designers
8:09 am
on to analyze it and everything. the that is the fashion portion. then they do at ward. after that they start asking about, you know, more in depth questions about who won. how do you feel about this and. that is there a process. >> but actresses also want to say who the designers are because it is all donated. >> that is true. >> these are harry winston jewels. >> i saw a young woman she had a five million-dollar necklace on. >> my gosh. >> yes, i remember her name, it was tiffany ironically,. >> yes. >> irony of it all they getting fab bags. >> $160,000. >> rich people getting richer. >> the the people that can afford the bag, they give it to them for free. largest student run fundraiser, basically in the world, took place at penn state over the weekend, my gosh, they made a lot of money. >> of course we're talking about penn state's danza-a-thon or thon as people like to call it. it raise's a lot of money for pediatric cancer research.
8:10 am
>> $13,026,653 a and 23 cents. >> she was excite. >> she should have been. >> that is impressive. >> $13 million. >> wow. >> it has been going on for 40 years. in all of those years though i think they have made over a hundred million dollars. >> wow. >> that is so great to see. >> just stunning. >> yes. forty-six hours of dancing. >> can you imaging go to the prom with a philadelphia eagles player? >> what about that. >> so, we have a player who will be stopping by good day because, there is one local girl, that landed a date.
8:11 am
8:12 am
narrator: gas prices are down, helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
8:13 am
let's get back to tulleytown and jenny joyce with an update there. so what is your update, jenny. >> reporter: we did get a update from the chief of tulleytown, and they told thaws one suspect has been apprehended. he was found hiding out in the pizza shop, which is right next door. they believe that is there still a second suspect that they are looking for. they think he might be hiding out in the ventilation duct
8:14 am
work somewhere on that property. they continue to search it. we have been watching. is there still a swat car out here, emergency response team out here, shelter in place order remains in effect for that very reason that they still have a suspect out there. now, we asked how initially they even knew it was a barricade situation, not just a straight up burglary. how they knew that the suspects were still on the scene? apparently when police got here they saw one of the suspects looking overtop of the roof standing on the roof. so that is what initially drew investigators to the roof area. they think they have been hiding out in the duct work ventilation area, so the the search continues, and, we are hearing that the two schools that we have been mentioning, pennsbury school district and saint michael the arc angel still on that two hour delay giving police a lit built more time to find that second suspect. the first suspect who was taken into custody, he did not have a a weapon on him. that is what police are telling us. that is update the for now. one in custody, a second
8:15 am
person remains out there that police are looking for. they do think he is somewhere on that property, mike and alex. >> okay, again, schools there is on a two hour delay but they have to get this other guy the other suspect before they can open the school. stay with us, we will let you know when they will get the other guy. a linebacker for our philadelphia eagles is suiting up, well, literally in a suit. probably a tuxedo. >> so last month an eagles fan hanna delmonty reached out to emmanuel ocho, he asked her if he would take her to the prom. he upped the anti and asked for 10,000. hand got to work. within hours she met and exceeded the college. ouch o, went to surprise hanna over the week went a formal invitation. >> my gosh. >> i already talk to the school board, but, would you like to go to the prom with me
8:16 am
>> yes. >> this is for you. >> thank you. >> coming in for a school board meeting, just approved, i didn't think he would actually be here, and in the meeting, it made it sound like it was ant proved so i got really nerve us so that happened on friday that happened this friday, yes. >> making girls cry. >> oh, yes. >> they say it is a good thing sometimes, so i guess in this case the tears were a good sign. >> it looks like a good thingy was thinking why did you have to go to the school board to get approved. >> well, because of the weather, school was canceled, so they made that up to get her to the school. >> it was a crazy situation. we had everything planned out. i have been planning for the last month, talking to the principal, the eagles, et
8:17 am
cetera. we planned to go in friday morning. 11:00 o'clock thursday night we find out school has been canceled. we have to call an audible. something i'm used to in football. we made her believe she will go for a school board meeting. prior to seeing me, on that tape what y'all saw she was talking to the principal with her mom and acting member of the school board a a have that meeting she was supposed to meet the superintendent. i was the acting superintendent. >> was watch her reaction. she really is, totally surprised. >> yes. >> talk to the school board but would you like to go to the prom with me. >> she laughed, and then cried. >> that is so sweet. >> i know this all started on twitter, but has she been tweeting you all day trying to get your tension about this. >> the season had just ended. i was in arizona spending time with my brother sam, who plays for cardinals and i got a random instagram message from her. i said if you have 10,000, you got a deal. she had 15,000 in three hours. >> three hours. >> mind blowing.
8:18 am
>> what? >> mind blowing. >> how did she do it. >> i know what you were doing there. 10,000 meaning you are never going to have to go. >> yes. >> after i got the her initial in message of 2,000 i said no, it is too reasonable. i said, what is unrealistic after consulting with friend. >> yes. >> very unrealistic. >> anyway, she was a extremely determined, and somehow found a waste to make it happen. >> you have to do it. >> when sit. >> promise may eighth. may ninth, saturday, so i will be in philadelphia training and what not. i went up there. we have to go over the did he details but when i showed up her daddies ex-military. he had done all of the research on myself. >> was he cleaning his gun, isn't that what dad like to do when the date shows up. >> thankfully he wasn't, but he looked at me with a stern look. he is ex-military. i have done my research on you and family. if it was certain other players i wouldn't have a allowed this. nonetheless i won't name what
8:19 am
players they were. >> that is great. >> he named them specifically but nonetheless he handed me a check for my non-profit, i go to nigeria every month. i handed me a check. i want to let you know my wife is a family medical doctor. we see you what. we wanted to support that. that was a instant ice breaker. >> she's in a school will in virginia. >> she's in percyville, virginia, relatively middle of no where. >> yeah. >> i flew into d.c., about an hour away. hey todd drive 50 miles to get near the school, and then it was a crazy, hectic day. >> you are a good guy to be doing this. >> very good of you how did you become an eagles fan, is she from here, do you know. >> her mother from outside new jersey area. her father is a giants fan. >> oh. >> yeah, we have a house divided. >> father is a giants fan, mom and hanna are both, eagles fans. >> her mother raised her right then. >> you know it. >> how will eagles do. >> do you talk to nick foles at all. >> nicky's probably my best
8:20 am
friend. he fridays austin. i went to school in texas in tuesday in austin. nick's mom continues to beg me to go to yoga work out. i have been dodging him for three weeks now successfully. >> yes. >> does he get upset because we want this quarterback out of oregon. the wait a second, we have a quarterback. >> the thing about nicky's he is very level headed. doesn't read too much into the the media. if you read too much of the media you will be writing with them and you won't be playing yourself. that is within of the things in the nfl. he is more worried about getting better every day then we might draft if we might draft anyone at all good to meet you good luck at the prom. we will get your suit together and all that, yes. >> eagles green, eagles green. >> we love that. >> we love that. >> wear the uniform. >> that is so true. >> we will have a camera there if you don't mind. >> no doubt about it. >> who wore it better, jennifer lopez or robert duval's wife, kind of the same dress. >> yes. >> little had shade. >> you never want that to
8:21 am
happen on the red carpet. >> in. >> we will talk about the best and worst dressed at the oscars. >> okay, in our fox fashion segment. are you thinking of the taking the kid to the disney world? well that vacation got expensive. things are already expensive. now it is even more expensive. [ leguizamo ] hey, i'm john leguizamo, and i love new york.
8:22 am
8:23 am
why? i'll tell you why... 'cause every winter, my favorite thing to do is ski upstate. and in new york, you can ski more and drive less. with over 50 ski resorts throughout the state, great skiing is always nearby. and with some of the highest snowfall in the u.s., it's always a perfect day on the slopes. day or night, green circle or black diamond... for the experts, like me... there's something for everyone. so plan your next new york ski trip at find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me?
8:24 am
no. uh-huh-huh! thank you samantha. she is heading off to school, and she set her dvr. she watches the show every day. please show my snow man. >> it says fox 29 at the bottom with a snow shout out. >> that ace gi job. it wasn't easy on saturday. and then pile it up. >> lets get to orlando florida. i wouldn't minding going back to florida, it will cost you more money disney land, disney world. >> they have raised ticket prices, again. walt disney world and rest of the theme parks are dealing with more, you know, more fees there one day ticket, for
8:25 am
disney land oracle adventure in callus now $99. and for anyone, ten or older. >> yes. >> yes. >> but hey, it adds up, so they keep doing it. single day ticket for magic kingdom in florida are now $105 up from 99 will dollars. the disney bumped up ticket prices for children age three to nine. my thing you will think it is $5, $3 but it keeps happening. every year they raise it up, and, people are obsessed. >> people will still go. you think there will be a point when people say this is too much. do you think they will keep paying. >> no, because children they getting. look at a the your parents. >> yes. >> i want to see mickey and mini. >> yes. >> and what is another five, is what another $3, mom and dad. >> they have a goal they are trying to get to it. we just do a couple dollars every year. >> it is $150 for an hot dog. >> lets get back to moorestown new jersey. steve has more fur about the
8:26 am
work place shooting, steve? >> reporter: mike, we can show you where it happen. it is shield's business and security solutions, an armored car company essentially. these are people that deliver cash to banks and atm machines. you can see their insignia on the building, big s and on their trucks and sleeve a lieutenant of the guard standing with us across the the street. what we had earlier, unconfirmed by officials, we are hearing from the staffers here that a co-worker, was shot by somebody else who works here and so two people total shot. i thought a good sign was we saw a lot of police cars here from surrounding towns, but not a lot of ambulances like you see in other work place shootings where we have several victims. that was a good sign. we saw one helicopter. we had unconfirmed report that somebody was shot did. the that is kind of confirmed because i know coroner here in burlington county, is on the scene as well and the
8:27 am
spokesperson for the burlington county prosecutor's office who obviously handled all this, joe booly is a former inquirer building and he didn't have to go far to find out what is going on here. the as soon as he knows he will get back to us as well. now you see he mount laurel through the tree there that white truck that is mount laurel command trailer truck. they are lend ago lot of help to moorestown police out here. you can see moorestown police here and you see mount laurel police right here to the left here, right in the driveway here. a a lot of help from earned ising towns because i can count like a half dozen mount laurel police cars here as well, and thinks within a mile, within walking distance, of the moorestown police. this is an industrial park, right off of church street, which is a main drag through moorestown and it goes all the through route 38 and 130. that gives you a sense of main road we are on. that is scene out here, two people shot, one dead here, in moorestown and again, no official statements from moorestown police yet because they are obviously very busy
8:28 am
as they start to investigate this situation. >> just horrible. >> take a quick break back
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
still watching snow showers, moving through, this is visible sign that a cold front is coming through but you will feel the difference. we are already starting to. snow showers and flurries are still in chester and southern lancaster county, northern new castle county, part of the delco and we have seen just a few flurries here in philadelphia hit or miss kind of a situation. if you are around wilmington we are seeing light snow showers now as well as easter chester county. most of our temperatures, have been in, and, another one coming through. we are 28 degrees but feels like 17, see how quickly this
8:32 am
situation is changing. sunrise already happen at 6:43. we're going to see temperatures continue to fall through 209's, maybe bump up and go right back down but wind make it feel like the teens all day long and we are back down to single digits overnight with the possibility of tying a few more low temperature record tomorrow morning. we will talk about that later, that is your monday fox cast, seven day forecast is just ahead, bob kelly. >> 8:32. that beautiful sunshine we had to deal with yesterday melted a lot of the snow, and we have received on saturday but a quick freeze on the overnight, here's a perfect example. as school buses wait for the stop sign here, long route 13, again, do you see the difference in the road surface here. that is that icy glaze. we're seeing that all over the place, mainly the secondary roads, the side streets, in the the neighborhood, and where it is again the major roadways, okay, we have no reports of black ice. 422, eastbound, heavy from royersford on into king of prussia the cold weather
8:33 am
knocking out traffic lights, two busy intersections with no cross traffic, roosevelt boulevard at least vick, also at red lion, no cross traffic permitted this morning and south on i-95 we have had a half dozen cars, with flat tires right at the broad street interchange of a hit of pothole and then go down ramp to call for assistance. hopefully we will get a penndot crews out there and latest from levittown, levittown parkway still closed at route 13. use mill creek parkway as the alternate. mike and alex, back to you. now more on the shooting in moorestown. steve keeley has an update. >> at approximately 7:00 o'clock this morning our patrols were dispatched to shields business system for a work place shooting. office's arrived on the location. they found that the shooting had occurred beginning in the building, and finishing up outside the building. we have one victim sustained
8:34 am
multiple gunshot wounds and was air lifted to cooper, and we have another subject where basically we are not releasing any information on that at this time. >> any condition of the person taken to cooper. >> he was obviously shot three times but he was conscious when he was transported. >> does this look like a work place murder/suicide or was a shoot-out between the two. >> just the one subject had a weapon. >> reporter: murder suicide? >> yes. >> reporter: this is an armored car company so people were wondering because a lot of these guys carry guns. >> well from what i understand none of the employees had any weapons the at the time that this occurred. they apparently check them in and out except for one subject due to the shooting. >> reporter: you guys are right around the corn are from here. did you get here instantly or dit take a while to call. >> when we received a call we were here basically within a minute. as you no he we are right at the corner,.
8:35 am
>> reporter: through go, mike and alex, that is lee, the long time moorestown police officer. this is exactly what wow reported here murder suicide at shield security solutions a armored car company, contained to just these two people. >> it sound like the guy shot a man inside and walk outside and committed suicide that victim was shot three times and air lifted to the hospital. we will bring you more updates on that. >> been a rough morning, folks. so after last night's fun, watching the oscars, i kind oven joyed it. i promised myself, kevin mccarthey, i would see most of the films before watching at contacted my award. makes it so much better to watch. i didn't see one film. we are relying on you. >> were you happy with the bird man choice. i know you loved boyhood so much. >> yeah, i went five for six in the major categories. bird manny predict to win just because of the wins it had prior leading up to the academy award at director guild and producer gill.
8:36 am
i was hoping for a boyhood or american snipper win. boyhood, the the heart, shooting over that movie over 12 years with the same four leading actors is a amazing. i wanted to see american snipper. kyle got to go to the academy award last night. phenomenal to see her. i was than the surprised. phenomenal film. number three out of my top ten. it is a a great movie. that was the best thing about at award that every movie in that category, selma, imitation game, all phenomenal games. it doesn't matter which one won because so many will still live on. stanley cue brick anal fred hitch cork and orson wells never won oscars. >> lets talk about the the the show itself. the the a academy award. >> host neil patrick harris do you think did he a great job. >> i thought he was under whelming to be honest. i love neil patrick harris. he does a great job with the tony's and emmy's. but he didn't elevate the show. i miss that ellen energy from last year with the selfie, delivering pizza to
8:37 am
the audience. i thought a lot of his jokes fell flat throughout the the night. star of the show, was the performers, john legend/common performance, absolutely mind blowing, recreated the bridge. lady gaga, wow, when she did the sound of music perform answer that blew my mind. her voice. it didn't even sound like lady gaga. i love animated feature lego movie the song for that everything is awesome. i cannot believe, that lego movie was not nominated for best lego picture. that and gone girl not being nominated for best picture, ridiculous amounts of snubs last night. >> lets talk about best actress and best actor. >> well, actor no questioned, eddie redmayne, phenomenal performance as steven hawking. won the at ward. he won almost everything leading up to this. golden globe for drama amazing performance. i still think bradley cooper, philly's own bradley cooper deserved that personally. he did a great job. he was him verse michael
8:38 am
keaton. actress cadbary this was stone cold lock of the evening, in question, julianne moore would win this award. i think rose lynn pike from gone girl deserved it. one thing about last night which i loved was that these celebrity used the platform for very important issues. a lot of discussion about suicides, civil rights. a lot of issues, that were never talk about in the forefront. equal pay for patricia arquette. i loved that those features were used to bring light to important issues. that was a very interesting element. i walk away under whelmed by neil patrick harris but i'm happy. >> a amazing opening number and how well it was choreographed. >> that and the set. >> the the set was amazing, the stage was amazing. >> loving pictures opening was phenomenal. i loved that element of it. after that the whole bit about him having predictionness a briefcase, that didn't pay off, to me. that bit went no where. >> kevin, thanks for that report. we appreciate it. >> thanks, have a wonderful
8:39 am
week. >> yes, he watched witt his girl friend and was tweeting out. cute little scene. >> so cute. >> 8:39. do you set a curfew for your teenage children. >> experts are now saying kid should set their own curfews, why some parents are letting their children make the rules. would you do this. >> that will work out well. >> i think 3:00 a.m. is my curfew. at subway, a great meal starts
8:40 am
8:41 am
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8:42 am
it has been a busy morning, really tough morning there was a work place shooting in moorestown, new jersey at 7:00 o'clock this morning p he lease received a call from shields security systems an industrial park there in moorestown apparently, former worker, walk in, shot a former co-worker, three times. that person was air lifted to cooper hospital. apparently the the man walk outside and shot himself in the head, committed suicide. so, it looks like it would be an attempted murder/suicide.
8:43 am
hopefully the man that was shot will survive. lets get to bucks county for the other story. >> it it was a barricade situation and gunshot there. started out as a burglary. it developed into a situation. one person there, they believe two suspects. one person has been caught. other person they are still trying to find. >> they think he may be up in the duct work of this mike's gun shop, and in that, mini mall area. up in in bucks county. basically levittown, tulleytown, is the township. so they got the the one guy. he was on a pizza shop. >> right next door to the gun shop. >> other dude they think is still inside the gun shop in the ventilation system. they are trying to get him out of there so schools can open. saint michael the arc angel cross the street it from the gun shop. >> and pennsbury school district. >> they will not start school until this thing is resolved. hopefully it will get resolved and they can get on that two hopefully it will get resolved and they can get on that two hour delay and start at
8:44 am
ifyou may be muddlingble withrough allergies.nger... try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we got a call from another charter school, up in the levittown area. >> center for student learning is also on a delay right the new because of the situation, that is happening there in
8:47 am
tulleytown. also it the is pennsbury school district, that is also on a delay as it is closed. >> yes. >> also saint michael the arc angel school which is right across from the gun shop, that, of course, the kid aren't supposed to go there until the a all clear. okay. it happens every saturday night, suburban couples, looking for a place, to hang out, and don't want to have to go into center city. >> they want a place close to home. owners of not your average joe's is filling that void with this new spot. >> hi, jen. >> there is not your average jen. >> this will be jen's new hang out. check this out. it is called not your average joe's. is there one in glen mills but this one is different. remember, this is suburban square. so what you you are looking at right now is going to become a lot more clear when we come around the corner. in the 1930's this was a movie theater. guess what they have used the space this was an underwear store a couple months ago. you have movies here.
8:48 am
cool bar areas here. you can go outside when it is above 35 degrees. wait for it, is there good food. good morning to you, chef. >> good morning, jen. >> this is what people have have been wanting. we want to feel cool. we want to feel like we can get something to eat. show us the menu. >> you hit on the great point. our whole goal, to bring that city style food to the suburbs. i set some food out here today that is all about eating better. i know it is cold. we could show you our beautiful steaks but important just to talk about how you can eat healthy through our menu. >> it looks new but i know that is sal machine but it is fancy salmon. >> this is salmon with sage pecan pest co and sweet potatoes a us before will sprouts. there are a couple of side. thinks cauliflower mash. >> i love it. >> yes. >> ours is 2 percent, olive oil and parmesan cheat, with a side dish. >> yummy. >> vegetable spring rolls.
8:49 am
>> vegetarian, super yummy, peanut sauce right there. and our tai chicken lettuce wraps. light healthy item. >> big enough to feel like you are eating something. >> we serve it as a a appetizer but you can make it as a lunch. this is your ahi tuna a salad, seaweed salad, super yummy. >> people have been waiting. i know you have the the turkeyberg are. mike the the photographer is excited about that. >> turkey burger has feta and spinach mixed in. we will serve witt a kenwa alternative and in the a multi grain bun. they are talking about these grains and how great they are. that is what we have right here. >> i think you nailed it. it is good. >> come on in and check it out. >> not your average joe's it opens up today in suburban square. mike, i feel like you will be taking the train out the here, this is where you will be. >> how beautiful this place is. >> love the idea of incorporating the screen too, movie screen. >> how cool is that. >> yes. >> they could have watch
8:50 am
parties there for sure. >> i like it. >> what is that movie that is playing. >> it is an oldy. >> james one. >> wow. >> my name is james, james bond. >> yes. >> the good, bad and down right awkward what did you think of john travolta grabbing the the face of adell kaseem. this is a pretty cool moment when she gets him back for miss pronouncing her name last year. homecoming? it's awesome.
8:51 am
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it looks like our little area of snow showers might be losing a punch and may in the hold together a as this front continues its progress toward the shore but we are still seeing snow showers, snow flurries in southern chester county, northern new castle county in delaware, so that is this morning. now tomorrow morning we may be looking at some new record low
8:54 am
temperatures this morning, probably not in philadelphia where the record is two for february between the fourth but in wilmington, perhaps in atlantic city, trenton, allentown we will see what happens tomorrow but we might be mighty cold by this time tomorrow morning. we are down to 29 degrees in philadelphia. even though sun has been up for a while. we expect temperatures to keep going down. they may bump up with the sunshine this afternoon but not too much. and temperatures are still above freezing down at a the shore. so our wind chill in mount pocono is eight below. it feels like 19 degrees now in philadelphia yeah, cold air is coming back. dangerous wind chills possible in the pocono mountains until tomorrow morning. it was close to normal, yesterday we ended up with 47 degrees as the official high temperature yesterday, and then today, we're in the 20's all afternoon. we will be in the mid 20's tomorrow. we will be back to arctic weather on thursday and friday. that takes care of the workweek for you in the seven
8:55 am
day forecast, bob kelly, how sit looking. >> back to work and school, sue, 8:55 we are coming up on. two busy intersection was no cross traffic because lights are out. roosevelt boulevard at least vick, also at red lion and we have a water main break along mill road at easton road and levittown parkway still closed at route 13. on friday i was invited to lunch heading out to the charleston elementary school in malvern. it was first grade international lunch in. the students studied about the cultures from 25 different countries, kenya, china brazil and australia and then the parents made them run watch food from those five countries a lot of fun thanks to chris the principal out there at charlestown. only good news i didn't to have stay after school. stay there we will be
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
well, lauren good to see you good to see you, as usual. >> i lake this outfit. >> thank you. >> what do you call it what are you calling it. >> i don't know, my mother bought me this jacket maybe ten years ago. i bought this skirt, a long pleaded maxi for those who cannot see it. >> who are you wearing. >> who are you wearing. >> justin torre gave me all kind of ideas how to sport it. i had to go to her desk and say how did i wear it. >> she's a co-worker. >> she said i'm looking good.
9:00 am
>> i think lou fantastic. >> monday. >> it is monday, february 23rd, 2015. of course, oscars were last night. stars were shining brightly look at reese, a and that guy, a and that woman. >> yes. >> and there is the big winner. >> oh, hi, ethan hawk. >> there were hits and misses when it comes to the fashion. we will go through it all, hi, kevin. >> sour grapes. >> you are pissing me off right now. i will say something rude to you. >> you are not a rude guy. >> because, there is no need to do something like that. >> that is definitely not you. you are not the guy to walk away and walk off. >> boy, the drama a on shark tank and you know what, wouldn't you know it would be caused by a local guy. >> so why this fight erupted after he made a tiehl with two of the sharks. he is in our studio this morning. >> hey, did you see the the teenagers, curfew back in the day. >> welshing i did,


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